About 10boating.com

We’re really glad that you found out site.  With help from you, we hope to improve our site to offer fantastic product reviews and new product listings that relate to the boating industry.

First, let me tell you a bit of our history.  I myself, sailed for 16 years on a 27 foot sailboat, on Lake Ontario.  Getting married proved to be a brief interruption in my sailing habit, and now, many years later having moved south to Florida, am re-connecting with a love of the sea.

Since moving south, and discovering that I may need to find my sea legs again, I hope that you join me as I search, find and ready my next boat.  This small passion may become a big project I hope you join me on.  This way together, we can adventure out into the blue.

I realize that many of you, like many of my friends, are not sailboaters, but power boaters too.  I have a connection with both, and we all share the same passion for the sport, cruising and upgrading our boats to meet our needs and wants.

Because of this passion, we have decided to bring our experience and knowledge to you.  On this site, not only will you find product reviews, but also helpful tips on boating, docking, refitting, maintenance and more.

Please let us know what it is that most interests you, and we will add that to our list.  

Many of the products that we review here on 10boating.com, are available through our affiliate link from Amazon.  This makes getting the products to you quick and easy.  For those of you who wish to return them, there is no better way then with Amazon, and we all know what its like to buy something for our boat, only to be disappointed with it, and don’t want the hassle of returning it to the store or purchaser because of shipping and return issues.  This is why we encourage you to shop here, via our portal with Amazon, and shop worry free.

In addition, when you buy from our site, you help support us and our ability to keep this page going and funded, at no cost to you.

Thank you again, and Happy Boating!